Do you know how it feels when you really want to do something awesome, but you can’t muster the energy to do it?

For the past six months I’ve been avoiding the public eye and focusing on my own healing. (See this post for the background: )

I confess, a lot of the time I forget I am still healing and I default into planning mode without taking into account my own needs for rest and rejuvenation!! Do you do this also?

I was speaking to a friend about this phenomenon of disappearing from my online presence and they suggested that I continue my letters to you, my dear, as if I had never stopped writing. I feel that sharing my journey will encourage you if you are also going through a phase in your own life where you need rest but are feeling resistant to it.

Take time to rest, it will reap many rewards!

I’m back at home in Vancouver BC for the summer and feel so much better surrounded by so much beauty.

Here I am up in the mountains, off the grid, painting the mountains and river. My big lesson, is that I NEED to build in more offline time than I think I should and a balance is key, though I’m still learning what that balance is.

What lessons are you learning right now? Does being creative help with figuring out your path? How can you use these “off” times to your advantage?

Sending you cool breezes of creativity,

Lora Frost

PS – The Instagram challenge is coming back: July 31st is the Blue Moon and there will be 7 daily prompts from July 31- August 6. More details shortly!

PPS – I am now officially in a season of being online. More about the seasons soon.

Other Happenings

If you are in the Greater Vancouver area, I have collaborated with Cara Maclean  and we are offering an Art & Yoga workshop on August 1st, 1-5pm in Abbotsford. Full details here: Rising Into Ease


Lora Frost is a Creativity Ignitor who ADORES colour and playing with oil paints.

She LOVES painting large paintings but is pushing herself to paint small and even tiny paintings, because she THRIVES on challenge.

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