Colour has the power to change how we feel.

You know that tingle in your gut and you are undeniably drawn in? That’s what art could do for you. It speaks, it loves, it cajoles, it brings meaning.

Art shouldn’t just look pretty. Art has a purpose and a place in our lives, it’s transformative and we FEEL different while looking at it. Art can be such a positive force in our lives and this is why my art focuses on bringing uplifting feelings up for your space.

What do you think? What does art bring to your life?

Are you like me where you need spaces that bring a calming and meditative feel as well as spaces filled with vibrant colour that causes you sing and dance? Or do you crave one energy over the other?

Hi, I’m Lora. I am a vivacious, adventure loving, colour addict, filled with laughter but introverted, dog loving, foodie!


Well ok, there is more to me than that!! I was born in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and live on the glorious West Coast and I also spent a few years in West Texas. I immerse myself into creating beauty as much as I can.

I have an love filled family comprised of my husband, Sean, and our rescue dog, O-Ren, who is a Australian Shepherd crossed with Border Collie.


The pup is 2.5 years old and is on the route to becoming a therapy dog, but of course I don’t want to rush him out of his puppy phase too soon as he is just a joy filled bundle of bouncing fur.

I have my own landscape design and build firm (Urban Eden Design) in the Vancouver area, but after an injury and the move to West Texas, I found that painting brought me great joy and healing. I have been painting with oils for over a decade and thrilled with my new direction of creating healing art.


Three things that I love about landscape design that I have integrated into my art are:


1. I have been told that I paint with plants so it’s not a surprise the plant and colour design has always my favourite part, creating a tapestry of colour, scents and texture through the seasons.

2. Creating a space for a specific client that showcases what how they want to feel in the space.

3. The start to finish transformation – seeing something completely evolve from a blank canvas to a vibrant, useful and beautiful space.


The points above are three reasons why I LOVE creating custom works of art for your home and office space.

I am excited to get to know you and create a piece that will bring the feelings you want to experience when you see the creation. It’s a start to finish transformation and even though it’s created for the you, each unique viewer will experience it a little differently.


As I am so inspired by nature the majority of my work is filled with organic shapes and movement. I primarily work with oil paints as I find them to be delightful to blend together. The silky feeling of the oils on a freshly sanded canvas is just bliss!

I love to teach and inspire others to find their own creative path. I’ve been majorly injured a couple of times in car accidents, but while I won’t say that either of the times were fun, and I’m still recovering from the last, I can see how the experiences have affected my outlook on life. This life is short and the opportunity to bring joy and calm to our lives is finite. The act of creating art and learning to create art is cathartic and healing. Everyone is creative and has the capacity to heal and create beauty.

Woohoo, I am excited to meet you!


Lora Frost. #lorafroststudio