Yesterday I enlisted my husband’s help, once again, to take each painting one by one outside to my “outdoor photo studio” to take great photo’s of my art.


Confession time: I am a recovering perfectionist and this is my fifth time taking this same series of photos.


The first three times were my trial and error times, you know the trying different things, spaces, and lighting. It’s funny, every place I have lived has a different quality of light and this makes each photoshoot different.

photography of fine art

Outdoor Photo Studio – Lora Frost

The fourth time, when I finally caved and asked for help from my husband, it was supposed to be a brilliant photoshoot where everything was perfect because I had already eliminated all the issues.


Well, my camera had other thoughts on the matter. The images were a nice soft focus, not at all what I wanted.  I wanted sharp, clear, and crisp images.


Big sigh. I love technology, except when it breaks of course.


I did a bunch of research and learned that this problem will either be the lens or the camera body itself. Lucky me, I have another lens and yesterday we went to shoot all the photos again and determine the real issue.


I did my due dilligence and after photographing the first art piece, I uploaded them to my computer and found I had some nice clear shots! It must be the other lens that is faulty, I deduced.

So we went ahead and photographed the remaining four paintings. Now, I thought that since I checked the first one, that there wouldn’t be any issues with the next four images. Sadly the first painting was the only one that was clear.


The funniest part.


I decided that just in case my DSLR camera was all wonky and not going to work, we would also shoot images with my husbands point and shoot Sony, so then at least I would have images I could put on-line. These images didn’t work out either. Seriously, how could a nice point and shoot not work also!


All I wanted to do was whack my head upon my desk as I thought dammit, dammit, dammit.


My husband made me a nice Gin and Mint cocktail and I thought, well, at least I have an interesting story to tell my readers. Oh, no and ha ha! The moral of the story, be careful what you wish for.