When I launched the first #ArtAdventureClub Instagram Challenge back in December 2014, I was thrilled hearing how being creative everyday, changed peoples lives in ways I and they couldn’t have anticipated!

Some of the feedback I received, included being proud to consistently participate in a challenge, all the way through taking part in the challenge shifted the way one person was approaching her work by incorporating much creativity into her corporate work!

I also heard from some others that because the challenge was 30 days, many people didn’t join in as it was in a very busy time of the year.

From here on out the challenges will be shorter and more frequent, allowing you to participate as you feel led. Because ease is the new black.

Because ease is the new black. Click To Tweet

Introducing the Blue Moon Challenge: EASE Edition.

Starting Friday, July 31 through August 6th there will be a daily prompt focusing on creativity bringing more ease into our lives. Each prompt will have a theme that you can illustrate with art materials or take a photo of something inspiring to you. No art skills required, but being brave is encouraged!


What’s a Blue Moon?

The lunar (and calendar) year usually has 12 full moons per year, however this year and this month there is an extra full moon, called a blue moon. This will not happen again until 2018! The saying ‘once in a blue moon’ comes from this phenomenon.

A full moon is the perfect time to breathe, re-ground and take action. Because it’s summer, it’s also the perfect time to build in ease into everything we do, ensuring that we are getting the rest and relaxation we need, which in turn gives us more energy and creativity in all areas of our lives.

Join in the #ArtAdventureClub Ease Edition challenge by friending me on Instagram and posting a photo of your art or inspiration with the daily hashtag and the #ArtAdventureClub hashtag.

The daily prompt will be posted on Instagram in the morning (Pacific Daylight Savings Time) of each day, July 31st-August 6th.

Come Play!

Tell me in the comments: what is your favourite way to be at ease in the summer?