As well as being an artist, I also design and build sustainable landscapes. I am passionate about creating spaces that people love to be in, spaces that nourish your soul and brings them joy. One of my biggest take aways from designing and building gardens, is your environment has a lot to do with how you feel. More than you might think.

How art heals

How your outer environment helps you heal

There have been many studies looking at how different environments affect people’s healing time after major surgeries.

Imagine that you were in a room and you only had one window to look out of. If you had a choice of looking at nature, trees, plants, flowers and water or a brick building or parking garage, what window would you choose? What would be the difference in how you felt?

Studies show that patients who are able to look at nature, heal faster, are in less pain and generally have a more optimistic view.

What if you don’t have a window to look out of, or you don’t have a choice of what you are able to look at out that window?

This is where art comes in. As studied by Jaynelle Stichler (2001) and Christopher Naughton (2003), art is very therapeutic when chosen and placed with thought and care.

Therapeutic art is said to be of nature, or caring and happy people. Blues and greens especially, create the bodily response of calm and restfulness.

I introduce to you to the piece called “Calm”

"Calm" Oil Painting by Lora Frost. Original and Prints Available

“Calm” Oil Painting by Lora Frost. Original and Prints Available

This piece is currently hanging in my living room as I needed a sense of calm after this year of change. Visitors frequently comment on how it evokes a peacefulness and tranquility when they look at it. I am ready to part with this piece, and I guarantee you that this painting will bring a sense of peace into your life when you look at it.

*There is no watermark on the original or on prints that are ordered.

** July 2014 Update – This piece has sold and is currently in a law practice in the state of Georgia.