Nature is soothing to our souls, it nourishes us when nothing else quite can. As a landscape designer, creating with and from nature fills me to the brim with peace. This series started after I moved from the stunning west coast of Canada, to the dry and often desolate feeling area of West Texas. I needed to have the calming energies of the ocean surrounding me, so I painted it. Once I sold that painting, I yearned to have the peaceful energy back in my home and thus began my love affair with the colour Phthalo Turquoise!

Ranging from calming, meditative to an uprising of energy, all of the paintings in the series are painted to evoke a specific emotion. The colour, shapes and movement are all inspired by nature, and are meant to be peaceful, positive and powerful and I guarantee that you will feel different with one of these pieces in your healing space, homes and offices alike.

If it’s the spirit of vibrancy and energy you are looking for, please check out the Joy Series Paintings. As humans I strongly feel that we need both calming and energising energies in our lives!



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