This past year I have been taking part in a few Instagram challenges, where each day I get a one word prompt and I take a photo with my twist on the word and post it on Instagram. It’s opened my eyes to seeing everyday objects in a new light. Each day a few winning entries gets posted on the hosts feed.

I’ve also participated in a few that are shorter in length and have a great prize to win at the end.

I am so excited to announce that through the month of December, I will be hosting an Instagram art and colour challenge.

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What you need to do:

1. Sign up for an Instagram account if you don’t already have one. You need to have a public profile to be featured or to win a prize.

2. Follow me @LoraFrostStudio

3. Create some art, take a photo and post a photo on Instagram or just get totally creative with the prompt. Use the hashtag #ArtAdventureClub  and #LoraFrostStudio along with the daily prompt hashtag and post daily to win.


The Prompts and Prizes

* Each new week of prompts will start on Monday (starting Dec 1) and I will post the prompts on Instagram the Saturday before the new week.

* If you want to see the whole month, and get additional information and tips  you can follow along with this blog. Search the hashtag #ArtAdventureClub in the search box to see them all at once.

* Each day there will be a best photo chosen and featured.

* At the end of the month there will be a prize given if you completed every 31 prompts, yup for everyone!


What’s the prize you ask?

There is a secret art related gift that will be sent to everyone who completes the 31 day challenge before January 1st.

AND there will be a draw to win one of three Online Wine and Paint Classes for you and Four of your friends. They don’t even have to live in the same city as you, but if you wanted to all be in the same room together you could do that too!


Why I started this challenge:

During my last year of instagramming, I’ve met some amazing people and I’ve pushed myself to look at everyday objects from a different perspective, one that paints them into a picture of beauty. Having beauty surrounding me is one of my core desired feelings for living life fully.

Taking photo’s daily has also had a large side benefit of making me more creative in all aspects of my life. This past year I’ve learned that creating in the kitchen is a meditative act for me and I’ve learned to make pasta, jelly, jam, ketchup, balsamic pearls and I’ve even learned to bake (my previous arch nemesis).

My art practice (making art) has shifted and grown and I’ve become more open minded to experimenting with my art, just for fun. I’ve made a lot of art that likely no one will ever see, but this “failed” art has helped create the paintings that I do put out into the world for others to see.

I also know how we end a year, affects the start of the next year. With that said I envision a positive and uplifting community who inspires other artists (and aspiring artists) to branch out and be inspired by others creations.


We start December 1st — if you are starting after December 1’st join in anyway, we would be happy to have you!


Follow along with the blog, as every week I will post the weekly prompts as well as a description of the prompt and likely some interesting background facts about it!




Here is the Link for the Week 1 Prompts and Descriptions.

Here is the Link for the Week 2 Prompts and Descriptions 

Here is the Link for the Week 3 Prompts and Descriptions

Here is the Link for the Week 4 Prompts and Descriptions



Are you in? Share the challenge with your friends and let’s play with some art!




Here is an overview of the prompts for the month