What if having a painting designed just for your space could change your state of being every time you went into the room the art was displayed in?


Imagine walking into your favourite room and being transported into the feeling you most desire. Imagine your clients being transformed each time they arrive and depart.

Your surroundings effect your mood, your emotions and your state of mind. Scientific studies continually show an increase in positive correlation between viewing art and healing and 50% of hospitals are finding budgets for art. This percentage is steadily increasing.

I believe that all spaces, whether it’s your home or your office, should be designed around evoking a specific emotion or feeling in the viewer creating a thriving and nourishing space.


That’s why I create custom soul inspired paintings for healing spaces, designed specifically for how you want your space to feel.

We start by having a no-strings attached conversation about how you want to feel in the room you have in mind.

I’ll ask you questions about memories you have around that feeling. We’ll talk about the current colours in the room and any changes you may have in mind. We will talk about imagery and nature and how this becomes inspiration for your painting.

You will give me a virtual tour of the room and we will talk about the ideal size and placement for your art piece.

Next we solidify the colours in the piece, with you sending me any materials in your room that can not change (you could match it to a paint chip and send me that instead) don’t worry I’ll talk you through the best and easiest way for you to do this.

Next I’ll send you some paint swatches painted on canvas so you can see exactly the colours that will be in your painting.


From there the painting magic happens and your art work is created, infused with the emotion you wish to feel.

What People Are Saying

One person who took me up on this offer said that she now has gained clarity on how her healing space needs to feel for her clients. So it’s not just a pretty painting, it’s a transformational tool!

Another past client has said this about the colour choosing process: “Oh my Lora, those colors are amazing! Love the palette you created, it’s like you read my artistic soul.”

I’ve also heard this from a client after the painting was installed; “Through our conversations about its goal, location, and feel, Lora has included me in the creative process.” 



What you Receive

Your custom painting will be painted on a gallery wrapped canvas frame, meaning that the painted image will be painted around on the edges of the canvas providing a seamless viewing experience. This allows the painting to hang unframed, and even if your personal style changes down the road you’ll never have to worry about the frame needing to be re-done.

You’ll also get a hand numbered and signed Certificate of Authenticity, which will describe the painting and the story of it’s inspiration.

All care and personalised hanging instructions will be provided, you won’t need to guess where to attach the hanging hardware (also included) and installation will be a breeze.  You’ll even receive a couple of pairs of white gloves to avoid fingerprints on the painting.

Shall we get started on your painting magic?


Send me an email: me (at) lorafrost.com, or use the Contact Page and let’s transform your healing space.