Image Credit: Kaly McKenna

This past week I was interviewed by Kaly McKenna on her Born Through Fire Podcast, and it was truly an honour speaking with her. We got deep on how I went through a major injury and the painful process of recovering. I loved how Kaly asked questions about what really made the biggest differences in shifting my mindset, even in the midst of being in pain. We spoke about healing with art and shifting neural passageways in our brain. Thanks so much Kaly.


Here is the link to the podcast, available on iTunes:




Here are some of my favourite minutes:


3:12 – Favourite Quote – Martha Beck – Personal Motto

4:40 – 6:34  Lowest point in my journey

7:30 – I’m still not getting better

7:51 – What was the journey looked like

9:18 – Shifting from negative thought to positive thoughts

10:35 – A concrete example of a thought shift

12:30 – How I came to creating a course on painting

14.44 – Living my life on my own terms and being authentic

16:05 – Intuitive Painting Course geared to the beginner in oils

18:12 – Who would benefit from the Intuitive Painting Course

19:28 – How have I found art to be healing in my life

22:22 – Healing happens when you are painting from a place of freedom

22:40 – Proudest moment on my journey so far


This little tidbit didn’t make it up on the podcast, but one of the most influential people in my healing and painting as a business growth is Mary Ann Johnstone, a very talented Life Coach who is a Martha Beck Certified Coach. If you are thinking of getting a life coach, Mary Ann is one of the best I’ve worked with.


I’d love to connect with you, tell me in the comments below if you have used or thought about healing with art creation.