boost your energy in 15 minutesYour eyes fly open and your heart pounds in your chest as you have the huge realisation that you are flailing madly trying desperately to keep everything under control — your body is exhausted — you close your eyes and sigh.


The merry-go-round must go on, and you fall into your routine of making sure everything goes as smoothly as it can. As you arrive at work, nearly five minutes late, your kid’s school phone number pops up on your call display.
You curse as loud as you can while still in the safety of your car, giving you a foreshadowing of how your day is to play out.
As you leave work, your partner texts you asking if you would mind picking up your kids from daycare as he got caught in a meeting, again. Expletives hurl through your brain as you realise that this is the only tiny fraction of alone time you are getting today.
You reroute yourself through a Starbucks to refuel before ending your day with your Supermom routine where you fall into bed exhausted and spent once again.


Sound familiar?

I recently went through an eight week journey filled with high amounts of adrenaline, worry, fear, loss of control and many hours spent at a hospital paired with around the clock care, all because one of my furry family members ate a sock! Then right after those eight weeks, I had family in town, which was wonderful but still tiring!


So while I WAS superwoman while the crisis was in play, I pushed my body much too hard and I depleted myself far past all of my reserves. All because I wasn’t listening to what my body needed and I wasn’t putting the right self-care in place.
When you drain your body of everything it has, it takes twice as long for your body and mind to recover its former homoeostasis.

While you can’t always control the day to day events that shape your life, there are several tools you can use in under 15 minutes a day to help you retain balance, motivation and boost your energy and happiness.

Sounds implausible right?
November was a slog. I did what I knew; taking baths, going to acupuncture, being in nature and catching up on my sleep.
In December I took a ten day class, Emotional Harmony, where in 15 minutes a day I learned how to use therapeutic grade essential oils to balance my emotions, helping me to bring back my energy, passion and motivation that I had pre-crisis.
A few facts on essential oils:
1. Oils are powerful for physical healing. “They range from being anti-bacterial, to anti-viral and anti-parasitic in nature.” (Schnaubelt, 2003)
2. “Essential oils assist the body in fighting unfriendly micro-organisms; purifying organs, glands and body systems; balancing body functions” (Stewart, 2003)
3. “As oils secure our physical health, they provide us with the energy needed to penetrate the heart and enter the emotional realm.” (Emotions and Essential Oils, 2015)
4. “Essential oils raise the vibration of the physical body” (Stewart, 2003)
5. “Emotional healing occurs as old feelings surface and release.” (Moreton, 1992)

In 10 days I felt more balanced than I had pre-crisis.

This is the exact post I made in the private facebook group about the class “I’ve made some amazing progress in the last ten days. This is the first Monday in a LONG time where I have energy to think and work. I found the quiz very eye opening it because allowed me to express in words what I felt. I’ve made some elemental shifts in how I start my mornings and I’m putting into place other practices that I can support my body and energy. Thank you, this class was awesome! 🙂



I am finding that it is now much easier for me to connect with the Divine and check in with my body to check in with myself. I am continuing to use this even on days where life is going swimmingly!



Whether you are in the midst of your crisis, or you want to fortify yourself before the merry-go-round of life spins out of control — again — I invite you to join in on this ten day journey to boost your energy in 15 minutes a day.


boost your energy in 15 minutes a dayClick here to check out the class, which starts Feb 3rd. And if you register before January 27th I’ll send you my top three tips to create a calming and nourishing space so that you can start balancing your emotions right away.