I was super excited to be asked to participate in an interview on Carrie Brummer’s Artist Think Website. I loved the questions she asked me and had a lot of of fun preparing my answers.ArtistThinkLogo1-e1399285690112

Here is a small snippet of the interview.

AT: What are important strategies or choices you make that help support your creative process?

I always start with declaring the emotion or feeling that the piece is to convey. Sometimes I use my own photographs to inspire me with the movement of the paint, other times I leave it to memory. Next I choose a colour palette that reflects my vision for the piece. I used to need music playing when I painted, but this year I sometimes paint in silence; I think it’s helped me listen to my inner creative eye, the internal part of me that helps me see the direction of the painting.

AT: How do you navigate the feelings of vulnerability that show up during the creative process?

I only show work in it’s beginning and middle stages to people I trust and feel safe with. Also I realise that not everyone is going to like what I have created and as I have matured I have learned not to take it personally, though it is still is a conscious effort. I think having a supportive group, online or offline, is also a key tool to getting perspective and feedback while feeling safe.

Read the full interview here!