The Intuitive Art Journalling Un-Challenge

Remember a time when you felt calm, collected, at ease and your thoughts were in linear order? I bet you felt this way when you had been paying attention to your self-care.
With fall upon us, life whisks us into a busier time and many of us women put ourselves last in terms of taking care of our needs. Why do you think we do this?
Self care doesn’t have to happen after you have worn yourself out!!  Instead of feeling guilty about taking some me time, you’ll discover why it is so important to create nourishment for yourself.

I’ve created The Intuitive Art Journalling Un-Challenge so that you can proactively refill your self care bucket in a way that is easy, fun and healing!


Now, if you are thinking that you can’t even draw a stick figure, take a deep breath in and rejoice, because you don’t need any artistic skills to participate!
The un-challenge is 7 days long and you’ll have the choice between creating for 10-15 minutes or creating for 20-30 minutes. Yup, that’s right, you can choose the shorter or longer daily prompt!
Are you ready to create a deep well of self care that you’ll be able to draw on as life gets busier? 
Ease into fall, join in on this free journey.

“The un challenge was a safe space to take a little time to explore new ways to paint that eased me into deep self knowing and aha moments!”

Gillian Byers

Mindfully Active

My first impulse was to say “I’m too busy”, but then reading more I thought “of course I can do 15 minutes” and I knew if I missed a day I could catch up the next since these were not time consuming projects.

Lora is a wonderful teacher, cheerleader, inspiration. I learned a lot about techniques and tools, but also about being free to just “Do” and “let it flow out”. I was surprised how much of the inner me came out in these simple paintings.  I expressed myself in new ways.

Mary Gordon


What is Art Journalling?

– An art journal is a sketchbook style journal where you can create, collage, paint, write and process your feelings.

– Art Journalling is a non-intimidating way of getting started with painting and creating. 

– It’s an amazing way of looking back at your life and healing journey, reminding yourself how far you’ve come. 

Art Supplies Needed:

Once you sign up, I’ll send you a supply list that details my favourite brands and will help you navigate the art supply store. Loosely here is what you’ll need. 
– Preferably some watercolour paint.
You could use acrylics or markers, but watercolours are so much fun, they really allow you to tap into your inner wonder. You’ll want Blue, Red/Magenta and Yellow so that you can mix pretty colours and a dark colour like brown or black. Choose colours that speak to you and make you feel good.
An Art Journal (if you don’t have one, no problem, once you sign up I’ll send over the guidelines for choosing one.)
Water Colour Paper (If using watercolours, please do, they are so much fun and WAY easier than they look!)
You’ll be able to choose between the 10-15 minute creative prompts or the 20-30 minute a day creative exercises
Create where you are comfortable, at home, in a coffee shop or with a friend.

We meet online in a private Facebook group where you can get inspiration in a supportive environment. 
You’ll get to view the step-by-step videos and you’ll receive an uplifting email each day of the un-challenge as a reminder.
What is an Un-Challenge?
Challenges are often difficult and competitive. The un-challenge is designed so that it feels uplifting and the community is safe and supportive. Intuitive art journalling is restorative. While you’ll have videos and prompts to create daily the actual creating is easy and connects you with your intuition.
It’s designed for all levels of artists and non-artists and I bet you’ll surprise yourself with what you can create in paint!
Self care often happens after we have burnt ourselves out. When we make tiny shifts to our patterns and develop new creative habits there is an exponential effect on our ability to feel calm, collected and at ease. 

This was an absolutely wonderful experience. It has brought so much awareness and Lora did it in such a beautiful, caring way. Thank you so much for this opportunity. Art can heal – thank you for showing me this.

Jenny VH

I am thrilled to introduce you to The Intuitive Art Journalling Un-challenge, come join in!