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“Magic of Elevation”

Oil on Canvas

12″ x 24″

Original oil painting. Limited Prints Available

The Story:

The painting shows a softening of the waters as white light stairs appear in the centre leading over the rougher and deep waters symbolising that the possibilities you have over their own circumstances. The stairs are always within reach and you can be carried into the warm glow of the sun at any point should they be open.

The teals of the ocean are calming as teal is a combination of blue and green which are the most calming colours to the eye. The periwinkle blue is a mixture of purple and blue and takes on a magical quality because of the addition of purple. Its light and effervescence reminds us that there is magic surrounding us always. The coral, orange and yellow add warmth and a welcome. Coral symbolises an awakening of self and unification with the Divine. It is a mix of yellow and orange. Yellow is a good colour to use in healing as it promotes clarity of thought. In the Aura, orange signifies thoughtfulness and creativity.