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Oil on Canvas
Commissioned oil painting for a private collection.

The Story:

Symbolising a difficult journey, the colours and pathways in the painting were chosen to represent the hero’s journey from a difficult start to an exulted ending. There are three loops (pathways) and only one of them has an exit.

Have ever been in a hard time in your life or have been somewhere that doesn’t seem to end when you desperately want it to? ย “Pathways” symbolises hope and the promise that the dark time will end and it won’t just pay off, your experience alchemises into gold.

Colour Symbolism:

Purple is said to be the colour of royalty and it is associated with wisdom, perception and even mediation. Purple is the combination of red, a very strong and exciting colour and blue, a very calming colour. Having this unique combination within itself shows that two contrasting emotions can come together and bring a clarity to ones mind by being able to access both parts and is one of the reasons purple is also associated with creativity, inspiration and inner clarity.

Pink is the colour of self love compassion, and is said to soothe. Pink is made from red, a strong and passionate colour and white, which is said to show your potential for fullness. When combined into pink, it can be a soft compassionate energy or it can be a vibrant and playful energy depending on the red to white ratio. In this instance the pink was added to balance the strong purple with a soft touch, one reminiscent of inner clarity, peace and spiritual healing.

Gold is often associated with wealth, prosperity and abundance. Gold can also bring an energy of rejoicing and jubilation. For example, when one has not seen the sun in a long time ย there is an innate longing to see, smell and experience the sun so when the sun reappears we have an inner joie de vivre. Gold was added on this image to represent how long arduous pathways that seem like never ending journey’s can in fact be blessings in disguise. Gold symbolises the hope one must have when one finds that they are on one of these pathways.

– Lora Frost