Rooted: Our Emotional Connection With TreesWhen I moved to Texas from Vancouver, I thought it would be the emotional connection with the ocean that I would lose, but it turned out it was the big, strong, beautiful and plentiful trees I missed the most.


As a landscape designer, I pay attention to how I feel in my surroundings and these observations feed into my artwork, either by wanting something different in my life or letting my current connection with my surroundings work it’s magic into my art.

When I moved to Northern Louisiana, I felt an immediate connection with this land and area. Here, I am surrounded by many towering oak trees, a stunning evergreen magnolia tree, quite a few cypress trees and a stunning array of others including cherry, acacia, and pecan.

Just as our friendships wax and wane through various stages of our lives, different landscapes captivate us at different times bringing us an emotional connection to that time. While I still paint the ocean, I can’t stop painting trees. 

I paint trees to symbolise the sense of connection we have with the earth and I find that they are a never ending source of inspiration for me.


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Trees are like icebergs; you see the tree on top of the surface, but they have these massive root systems under the earth that are incredible. If you calculated how far the roots span it would add up to miles. Under the soil, the roots form communities with something called mycelium, and together they share nutrients with the surrounding plants (unless it’s grass, but that’s a story for another day).

Since learning of mycelium and how trees share nutrients, I’ve also wondered if they do the same thing above the earth for us sentient beings.

Trees keep us feeling rooted and grounded, but they also can lift us up and give us energy. After a walk through the forest, I always feel so rejuvenated.

Trees are like Iceburgs

When I sit under a tree, leaning on its sturdy trunk, resting under its leafy overhang, I always think of how much is going on under the ground, and it never fails to remind me that this is how many of my problems are solved. I do what I can to resolve the issue, but when I let my worry go, the path forward always arrives.

As my painting of trees continues, I am filled with the sense of wonder and love that each place I’ve ever been can be associated with the emotional connection of a particular tree.

What about you, do you have a special attachment to a tree? How does your favourite tree make you feel? I’d love to hear your answers, share them with me in the comments!

Shongaloo Cypress Tree Oil Painting

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