"Sunbeam Through Trees" Commissioned Oil Painting, by Lora Frost - Prints Available

“Sunbeam Through Trees” Dimension:54″x30″ Commissioned Oil Painting, by Lora Frost

This is a Q&A with Sean, the client who commissioned this stunning work of art. It’s 54″x30″ and uses oil paints on canvas. The piece has gallery wrapped 1″ edges and is able to hang without being framed.

Question:  Describe the experience of working with Lora to create a commissioned art piece?


Sean: Lora was wonderful to work with.  I had just bought new bedroom furniture and knew that something was missing.  When Lora looked at it she saw a perfect opportunity to bring out the calm feeling that I was looking for through a custom oil painting.

Question: Was there any obstacle in your mind that would have prevented you from proceeding with obtaining a custom painting?

Sean: While I enjoy looking at art in museums and galleries, I have no training in it and had no idea where to even start looking for pieces that will work in my home.  Thankfully, Lora was very patient and able to interpret my lay-man requests such as “about that big, but not quite”, “I like greens, oranges, and browns, but don’t want a green painting”, etc

Question: How did you want to feel in your space looking at the painting? 

Sean: Calm, relaxed, and at home.

Question: Does the painting give you that feeling? 

Sean: Absolutely.  I can be calm and relaxed in many places, but I know that every time I see that painting I am safely at home.

Question: What do you like most about the painting?

Sean: Lora created a beautiful painting, but through our conversations about its goal, location, and feel, Lora has included me in the creative process.  So, in addition to its aesthetic beauty, it’s a small piece of me that gets to hang on the wall and mark the home as uniquely mine.

Question: Would you recommend this service? Why?

Sean: Yes.  I have other art on my walls that is from unknown artists or ones who I know and was not involved in the creative process.  Some of those pieces are good, others are great, and a few are mass-produced.  The work that I commissioned from Lora, though, stands out from all the rest and has a deep personal connection for me.