Here are some ways you can entice your creativity to become infused throughout your life and in turn feed your art practice.


1. Fascination, allure, enchantment

When I am fascinated by something, I find that there is a direct correlation to getting my creative ideas flowing. For example, I was camping recently and I had built myself a fire. I had intended to read while drinking my wine, but I ended up sitting in darkness enchanted by the movement of the fire. Free-flowing thoughts were streaming though my mind and I completely forgot about reading.

The creative result? I had the perfect idea for a series of three unfinished paintings that had been sitting for months untouched.


2. Colour, discovery, reflect

Colours move me into discovery mode. I was recently walking through art galleries, fascinated by the way other artists were using colour. I think as creatives we can get stuck in our ruts of seeing and doing things.

The creative result? I’m trying a new style of painting. Some I like, some I don’t. The ones I don’t, well that’s ok!


3. Anomaly, peculiarity, outlandishness

I think the odd things in life trigger new ways of thinking. For example, I was driving on a beautiful scenic highway at about 65 miles per hour. All of a sudden there were big flashing signs telling me to slow to 20 miles per hour. I thought this was odd, until I turned a corner and there was this colourful and unique town filled with art, people and food. It was only a block long, and very shortly I was back at 65 miles and wondering how a vibrant town in the middle on nowhere seemed to be thriving.

The creative result? As creatives, I think sometimes we get stuck on the fact that nothing is happening — at least not fast enough. My take away, is that even if it seems as though things are not shifting, once the corner is turned I find that there WAS action happening I just couldn’t see it. Sometimes I need to slow down and observe it from a distance to gain perspective.




4. Soul food, nesting, sensual

Speaking of slowing down, I recently learned that doing methodical tasks are actually grounding us while we are doing them.  I’ve known for a while that nesting and creating soul food in the kitchen has been a good practice for me, but I didn’t know that while I’m playing in the kitchen and cooking, I am actually helping myself become more grounded which in turn brings clarity.

The creative result? Clarity leads to action and breakthrough. Hell yes! The sensual nature of food always brings me new ideas too.


5. Vitality, movement, flow

Moving my body while walking is one of the best forms of meditation I have found for myself. The flow of ideas that pour through my brain while I’m out in nature with my dog is enormous!

The creative result? The flow of ideas breathes vitality into my work. I love that I know without fail I will get ideas when I am out walking.


What about you, what can you do to spark new creative ideas? Tell me in the comments below!