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Here are the brief descriptions of the Dec 1-7th Prompts.


Dec 1 – Prompt #01_RED


Red is the only colour that equally symbolises love and hate. Woah, right? This is two opposite sides of the passion spectrum, so can we say that red symbolises passion? Well yes, we can, but here’s the thing with colour psychology, there are many generalities that just barely scratch the surface of how colour influences us.

It really comes down to cultural reference, gender appeal and how much or how little is used. It makes a difference how vibrant the red is and what colour it’s used beside. Even the time of year makes a big difference. Right now when I see red and I think Christmas, but in three months I am going to be thinking l’amore (oo la la) when I see red!

That said, here are some meanings that red can evoke: love, hate, passion, life giving. It is exciting, stimulating and arousing. It can mean confidence, courage and good luck. In contrast it can also symbolise sin, guilt and rage and can be aggressive, intense, filled with rage and fierce.

With all the colour prompts, I want you to think of how that colour makes YOU feel and then use it to express that feeling. There are no wrong interpretations, after all these are your feelings, and your experiences.

Dec 2 – Prompt #02_PENCIL


Pencils, “well how quaint” one might think. Me however, I love pencil! I have thin mechanical pencils for fine lines, I have thick pencils that are solid graphite, with no wood encasing them, and then I have all the pencils in-between from 9H to 9B, which is a rating of the hardness of the graphite in the pencils.

The standard pencil that we all used in school was likely an HB pencil and is right between the hard H pencils and the soft B pencils. H pencils are the hardest graphite and will make the lightest marks, with 9H being the hardest. B pencils are much softer and 9B will be the darkest and the easiest to add deep black tones to your drawing.

How you interpret this prompt is up to you, I can’t wait to see your pencil creations!



Dec 3 – Prompt #03_SKETCH


A sketch is usually a quick and loose drawing of something that you want to remember or perhaps you are experimenting with how the shape and form would work on your drawing.

A sketch can be made using any medium. A medium is anything that you use to create art. You could stay traditional and use pencil, charcoal, pastel or paint or you could get creative and use tea, coffee or any other mark making implement you want to use!

Remember to add a hashtag of the medium you used to create your sketch.




Dec 4 – Prompt #04_TINYART


Tiny is pretty subjective!

For me tiny is 6″x6″, but I’ve seen other artists create work that fits into the size of a quarter! Create some art that is your own version of tiny and let’s make tiny art! Don’t forget to post the size of your work!




Dec 5 – Prompt #05_TINT


So what’s a tint? In art speak it is a colour that has been lightened by adding white to it. In contrast, a shade is a colour that has black or other colour to make it darker, but we will explore shades on day 20!

How you convey tint is up to you. You could be conventional and show us one colour that gets increasingly lighter, or you could create an art piece that has various tints of your chosen colour. Or whatever you like really!




Dec 6 – Prompt #06_THINLINES


Create something using thin lines!! Contour lines are lines that just show the outline of the shapes in the drawing. Your whole creation could be created just using lines, or it could have a small amount of lines.




Dec 7 – Prompt #007_COLLAGE


ooo it’s a 007 prompt! (Well ok, that actually means nothing, but I thought of James Bond when I typed 007!)

A collage is a collection of images combined to make one image. There are a lot of mixed media artists who use a beautiful collage technique that has nothing to do with glueing, this is what I always think about when I hear the word collage. No glue necessary, but you are welcome to use glue if that fits your style!




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