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Here are the brief descriptions of the Dec 22 – 28th  Prompts.



Dec 22 – Prompt #22_BLUE

Blue is the most universally liked colour. It’s associated with calmness, security, comfort, sobriety, contemplation, spirituality and wisdom. It represents dignity, poise and reserve.

It’s also associated with melancholy, sadness, depression, being cold or cool. It is the least liked food colour, and in fact eating off of blue plates suppresses appetite.

It is associated with water, the sky, and other water elements.


Dec 23 – Prompt #23_MYFAVEMEDIUM


What is your favourite medium (art making supply) to create art in?



Dec 24 – Prompt #24_PAINT


Oil paints, Acrylic paints, watercolours, gouache, tempura, enamel, latex are some of the common forms of paint.

Create something using paint!




Dec 25 – Prompt #25_SILVER


Not a common colour for art, but I love to create using metallic colours!

It symbolises the moon, femininity, intuition, and imagination. Like gold, silver represents wealth. Silver is also said to be a mirror, where it reflects qualities back to us and also absorbs the colours surrounding it.

If you do not have silver, feel free to use a grey instead.





Dec 26 – Prompt #26_COMPLEMENTARY


A typical colour wheel palette has 12 colours and is filled with both warm and cool colours.  I think when most people think of warm colours they think of yellows, orange, reds, and violets and they think of cool colours as blues, greens, and purple. But each of these colours has a warm and a cool version!

All colours are made up of different undertones (also known as a bias) and this is why blue can be warm or a cool blue. A warm colour has a yellow or red undertone and a cool colour has a blue undertone.



To find a complementary colour on a colour wheel, it’s super easy, it’s the colour that is opposite from it.

On the colour wheel above the complementary colours are:

Yellow and Purple

Blue and Orange

Red and Green



Dec 27 – Prompt #27_PURPLE

The colour purple is 28% of women’s favourite colour but is one of men’s least favourite colours!

Positive associations of purple are regality, dignified, exclusive, intuition, spirituality. It symbolises internalisation, depth of feeling, wealth, mysticism and magic.

When purple is a shade closer to red than blue, it starts being more sensual, seductive and also sweet, and intimate.

From a negative stance it can be unsettling, degenerate, morbid, strict and foreboding. It may also seem lonely, mournful and pompous!





Dec 28 – Prompt #28_TRIADICHARMONY


Triadic harmony uses colours that are evenly spaced around the colour wheel. When using triadic harmony, let one colour dominate the other two colours. You can do this by using less of the other two colours or using lightened or darkened versions of the colours.

In the above colour wheel these would be the triadic colours:

Yellow – Blue – Red

Green – Purple – Orange




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