Dec 29 – Prompt #29_VERTICALLINE


Vertical lines in art can be used to heighten, to quicken the pace of how the eye moves over a piece by using thin and thick lines.

Vertical lines can also be used as a way to represent poise, majesty and dignity.



Dec 30 – Prompt #30_CIRCLE


The circle means fullness, wholeness and connection with the divine. They are the shape of the sun and the moon and I find them soothing to draw.


They can be graceful and calm, but depending on your colour choices and what other lines you add to them they can be full of energy as well!





Dec 31 – Prompt #31_GOLD

Metallic colours just make me so very happy – give them a try you may love them just as much!

Gold means extravagance, riches excess, and wealth. It gives strength, optimism and confidence and dispels negativity, depression and feelings of unworthiness.

Gold several attributes yellow. Gold is a warm colour that can be either bright and cheerful or somber and traditional. The colour gold is cousin to yellow and brown, and is also associated with illumination, love, compassion, courage, passion, magic, and wisdom.

If you do not have gold, feel free to use a yellow instead to illustrate your intention.




You made it!!! Woo hoo!! I’ll direct message everyone that made it through the challenge to receive the surprise art gift!!

Thanks for sharing this journey with me, it’s been amazing to see what lovely art everyone is creating.

Another announcement will be made Jan 2nd regarding the online paint classes and the drawing of three recipients 🙂


Much creativity to you, Lora Frost



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