Are you filled with intense emotions such as anger, disbelief and frustration when you read the news, browse facebook or overhear conversations from others on the opposite side of your political beliefs?
This workshop will take you through a creative process that will help you channel your intense emotions into an passionate outlet and will help you move through the emotions (that will come up again and again) into a place where you can think rationally and fuel your self care so that you can read the news and have a way to bounce back.
You do NOT need to be an artist. Beginners welcomed and encouraged.




Introducing Intuitive Painting, a course all about learning to express yourself by listening to your own inner wisdom.


Learn to paint with oils.


  • This course is 30% technique, 50% creative self-expression, and 20% open-minded exploration.

It’s a threefold experience

painting technique + soul development + practical inner wisdom

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Past Workshops




Rising Into Ease: Art & Yoga Workshop

Rising into Ease is an art and yoga workshop where you’ll learn how to awaken your creativity at any time as you delve into intuitive painting alongside three series of yoga postures to open your mind and body.

August 1st, 1-5 pm

Hosted at: Parallel Yoga,106-1900 North Parallel Rd, Abbotsford, BC


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